Operational Training

Training is an important component of any labor management initiative. Our approach integrates different levels of training in order to facilitate the acceptance of such an initiative and to minimize the resistance to change often exhibited by the associates and the direct management staff. Our training programs focus on the following:

Supervisor Training: 

We believe that to efficiently manage with ELS, your supervisors must be trained to understand the role they need to fulfill to create an environment that will support the initiative. Supervisors must also be able to understand the productivity reports and use these reports to improve the efficiency of the workforce. Furthermore, the supervisors must be able to pinpoint issues that the associates may be having in achieving the productivity expectations and implement corrective measures through effective coaching.

Order Selector Preferred Method Training: 

Our trainers have helped tens of thousands of order selectors hone their skills in order to achieve the productivity expectations through efficient methods rather than excessive effort. This training not only benefits the associates, but it also is a testament to a company’s dedication to its employees.