Danielle Woodward

B. Eng. Industrial Engineering
Technical University of Nova-Scotia
(416) 800-8927 x 500


Danielle has over 15 years of experience implementing Work Measurement programs and Engineered Labor Standards in distribution and retail environments.  Danielle has also applied her skills to quality assurance in several high profile labor initiatives. Danielle is a certified MOST® practitioner  and a Six Sigma Green Belt


Distribution Operation:

Standards:Danielle led one of the largest North American implementations of Engineered Labor Standards in food distribution. Under her guidance, a team of engineers deployed the work measurement initiative in more than 85 facilities across Canada and the United States. Not only was Danielle responsible for the implementation, she also led the quality assurance and the relationship with labor unions. This initiative yielded a 23% average productivity improvement.

Retail Operation Standards:

Danielle works with retail customers to improve their in-store efficiency and productivity. She has led initiatives to implement engineered labor scheduling for various types of retailers, including supermarkets, department stores, and discount stores.